With the help of a miniature beacon “Hero” you can call for help anywhere in the world for free (2 photos)

British startup Infinite Media Dynamicsintroduced a rescue gadget with the sonorous name “Hero” (Hero), with which you can send a distress signal anywhere in the world with one click of a button thanks to the connection of “Hero” to the international Cospas Sarsat system. Its financing is provided by the governments of many countries, but for users this service is free.

"Hero" does not need GPS, Internet accessor mobile communications. Its signal will serve the rescuers for precise guidance, even if the user himself is immobilized - the beacon will turn on independently with a strong shock, prolonged exposure to water or a stationary state. The built-in strobe and buzzer will also help in finding the injured user.

The sealed device retainswater-resistant to a depth of 65 m, it works at temperatures from -55 ° to + 70 ° C, and its battery charge is enough for a day of work after switching on or for 10 years without activation.

The weight of the “heroic” beacon is only 65 g, the size is no more than a salt shaker, but the cost at the moment is $ 190.

Source: Kickstarter