Facebook and Ray-Ban are developing smart glasses to replace the smartphone

Attempts to create smart glasses with featuressmartphone have been undertaken before, but to no avail. Nevertheless, Facebook is confident in the prospects of this area, as evidenced by its development of its own smart glasses, code-named Orion.
Glasses that completely replace the smartphone canreceive phone calls, display information on a miniature display and, thanks to the presence of a camera, broadcast live without being tied to a smartphone.

According to rumors, the “ring” will also include the “ring” Agios device (resembling a bracelet or ring), which serves as an alternative way to control Orion glasses.

Facebook is developing along with the popular brand-name eyewear maker Luxottica, which produces Ray-Ban eyewear. This model will be used for Stella, another smart glasses model.

However, the appearance of Orion points is still a long wait. If the developer copes with the stated task, then this will most likely happen in 2023-2025. But these are only plans so far.