How to increase your productivity

The fashion trend for self-development has distorted the idea itselfdevelopment. People often think about social approval rather than how to increase productivity. Trainings of personal growth, motivating books and webinars - the more the better. But the real self-development is not in the number of tips received, but in their real benefits.

To appreciate this benefit, it’s important to understand yourlevel of emotionality, stress tolerance, energy and other psycho-emotional signs. The MyNeuro genetic test from MyGenetics is a scientific way to look into your brain and understand the direction in which you need to move.

What determines productivity

Productivity is individual. The same conditions of one person are filled with energy and intrinsic motivation, while the other person kills the desire to work and causes the desire to kill.

Moreover, even the same person inunder the same conditions, productivity may fall. At the start, I like everything, and then - hop! - and burned out. No wonder the concept of "professional burnout" has already been assigned the status of a syndrome. It is important to understand why you have this syndrome. Ways to increase productivity that will be truly effective will depend on this.

General risk groups for professional burnout look something like this:

  • Those who have an intrapersonal conflict with work
  • Those who have to communicate with a lot of people
  • Those who are afraid of losing their jobs
  • Those who are afraid of responsibility

Defining your risk group is not enough. For example, an intrapersonal conflict with work may be associated with family circumstances, personal ambitions, gender differences. In search of lost productivity it is important to get to the root of the problem. And this root is in specific psycho-emotional signs that affect personal performance. Some of them:

  • Emotionality
  • Energy
  • Sociability
  • Stress resistance
  • Making decisions
  • Craving for novelty
  • Cognitive ability

Arrange yourself on these grounds and make up yourpsycho-emotional portrait is already a big step. It allows you to adequately assess your boundaries and growth points. It becomes clear what tasks you can quickly handle yourself and which ones are best delegated. When you treat yourself with attention and understanding, you can predict the first symptoms of emotional burnout and prevent it.

You can be proud of yourself if you get to this level. But you can go further. And here genetics comes to the rescue. More precisely, neurogenetics.

Productivity, Neurotransmitters, and Neurogenetics

In terms of biology, productivity at work- This is a set of "correct" behavioral responses to stimuli. The irritant may be, for example, a sudden urgent task. The “right” reaction will be its calm analysis and prioritization. “Wrong” reactions: irritability, anger, fear, apathy, procrastination.

At the molecular level, any behavioralA reaction is a cascade of signals from nerve cells to muscles, internal organs, and other nerve cells. Intermediaries are responsible for signal transmission - special signaling substances neurotransmitters.

In the context of the conversation about how to increase your productivity, you need to talk about three neurotransmitters:

  • Serotonin
  • Norepinephrine
  • Dopamine

For each of them there is a whole system of proteins: synthesis enzymes, degradation enzymes, and a variety of membrane receptor proteins. The work of these proteins determines the efficiency of signal transmission using neurotransmitters, and they affect human behavior.

Briefly about what each system is responsible for:

  • Serotonin system - the emotional state of a person
  • Norepinephrine system - energy, vitality, physical activity, decision-making in stressful situations
  • Dopamine system - concentration, motivation, satisfaction, love, affection, desire for a new

Each protein in the body is encoded by its gene in DNA. Neurogenetics studies how human genes affect work anddevelopment of his nervous system. First of all, neurogenetics studies genes encoding the very proteins of the serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine systems.

Human genome

A simple example of how genes affect ourbehavior. There is such a COMT gene, it encodes a protein with the complex name catechol-O-methyl transferase. It is involved in the breakdown of norepinephrine, that is, reduces its amount. Normally COMT is “fast.” If due to the mutation COMT becomes “slow”, then norepinephrine breaks down more slowly, it becomes larger - and its effect is enhanced. As a result, we become more energetic, make better decisions in stressful situations.

Similar examples are the sea. Finnish sociologists say heredity affects wages. Other scientists have identified a gene that determines curiosity, the search for something new.

Each has its own set of genes, its level of neurotransmitter activity, and hence the uniqueness of character. Neurogenetics helps to understand your innate predisposition to one or another behavior.

Each has its own set of genes.

MyNeuro DNA Test

The purpose of the genetic test from MyGenetics is to determine the psycho-emotional portrait of a person and give targeted individual recommendations on how to develop your productivity.

The test examines ten genes:

  • Eight genes that affect neurotransmitter systems
  • Two genes that affect age-related changes in memory, learning, reaction speed and decision making

These ten genes are not randomly selected. For them, the effect on the psychoemotional and mental abilities of a person is reliably proven.

Making the MyNeuro test is simple:

  • Order a test kit on the MyGenetics website. Delivery by courier home or office.
  • Schedule a day for the test. Important: do not drink, eat, brush your teeth or smoke a couple of hours before the test.
  • Follow the simple instructions. In short: you need to hold a special cotton swab on the inside of the cheek and carefully pack the stick in an envelope.
  • Send the genetic material to the laboratory. The address is indicated in the instructions.
  • Your personal DNA report will be ready in 3-4weeks. It contains more than fifty pages with detailed results of genetic analysis and detailed recommendations based on these results. A lot of information, including scientific, which is not so easy to digest.

    Useful report - an understandable report. Therefore, experts work at MyGenetics, whose task is to help test participants understand their report. After a personal consultation, you can begin to follow the recommended diet, lifestyle and do the recommended set of mental exercises.

    Neurogenetics helps to understand an innate predisposition to a particular behavior.

    It’s important to understand that test results are notcarved stone technique for increasing productivity. Each aspect of MyNeuro analysis is a professional conclusion, but it only gives an idea of ​​individual predispositions person.

    Each tip in the report is a scientific recommendation forturning a predisposition into a specific quality or character trait. This process depends not only and not so much on genes. Low physical and mental stress, bad habits (including eating habits), lack of self-discipline - under such conditions, even the most “good” heredity will not help to establish a life and career.

    But knowing your genes “in person” is useful. Let MyNeuro test not reveal the sacred truth about how to increase the productivity of the day, but it will give a unique scientific understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your body and tell you what you should focus on in the first place.