New Garmin Tactical Edition military watch set to stealth mode

Garmin Ltd, the manufacturer of GPS navigation technology and sports watches, has unveiled the new Garmin Tactical Edition smart watch model.

The new Garmin Tactical Edition is not intendedfor athletes, and for saboteurs, scouts and people of other complex professions, forced to work at night. The watch has a stealth mode. When this option is turned on, the watch activates a special backlight, which the enemy can detect only with a night vision device.

Stealth mode provides the effect of radio silence. This means that if necessary, the watch disconnects all wireless connections with other gadgets associated with them. At the same time, write to the memory is disabled, they stop sending data (including about the location). At the same time, these data continue to be displayed on the display, moreover, in two coordinate systems.

The watch supports navigationGPS, GLONASS and Galileo systems. Garmin Tactical Edition belong to the category of smart gadgets, so the list of operations that they perform is very impressive: they can measure the pulse, count the steps taken during the morning run and lose calories during the diet, have modes of monitoring the results of training, for example, when riding a bicycle swimming, running. And skydiving gets the function Jumpmaster, which will help optimize this process.

Fiber-polymer material makes the watch casedurable, as it increases its strength; The silicone bracelet is securely and conveniently attached to your hand. The standard of protection is military, so you can even work under the watch at depths of up to 100 meters.

Depending on whether the watch is actively or passively operated, the device’s battery provides it with energy for 14 or 40 days.

The cost of the Garmin Tactical Edition is $ 350.

Source: Garmin