Artillery shells with artificial intelligence will appear in the US very soon

A new generation of ammunition will be taught to search andhit targets yourself, even if there is no GPS signal. The first models will be able to fight with armored vehicles and tanks. Further, the development will be configured to search for small goals.

Already in the US, the military is developing "smart"ammunition. We are talking about artillery shells of the type C-DAEM. They will be able to directly find targets during the flight, including moving armored vehicles and enemy tanks. This type of weapon will replace ammunition with cluster bombs, which seriously threaten the civilian population.

Based on C-DAEM at Excalibur -155mm GPS-guided artillery shell It hits targets from tens of kilometers away. According to the manufacturer, the accuracy of this ammunition is up to 2 meters. This is enough to defeat an armored car.

At the same time, C-DAEM will outperform Excalibur. He will not only be able to overtake moving targets. It will also hit objects with an unknown exact position. The "smart" projectile operates at a radius of 60 kilometers. He will overcome the distance to the target within a minute.

When approaching the target, the device slows down,to accurately determine the position of the desired object, due to the small wings or parachute. Ammunition from a height scans an area of ​​up to 28 square kilometers. C-DAEM will be able to function even if the GPS signal is lost, which is especially important. Indeed, US adversaries are working on jamming technologies for the global positioning system.

The first development options will be able to fight witharmored vehicles and tanks. Over time, C-DAEM will be trained to attack small targets: artillery, personnel, communications, air defense facilities, etc. Ammunition is compatible with the towed howitzer M777, as well as self-propelled howitzers XM1299 and M109A6 Paladin. According to the US Department of Defense, the C-DAEM will go into service next year.

Source: popularmechanics