Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G: extreme durability test was successful (video)

Many of the most popular, top modelssmartphones, which are now fashionably called flagship, went through the hands of blogger Zach Nielsen, author of the YouTube channel JerryRigEverithyng. He condemned them to difficult trials: burned with fire, scratched, tried to break in half.
It has been tested for strength and resistance to extreme influences and Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G.

Trying to put a brand-name plastic onethe stylus of the S Pen in the charging slot on the reverse side was unsuccessful, since it is technically impossible, but to break the electronic pen into two parts did not cost Nielsen much effort.

Next, the smartphone was tested onscratch resistant display. Here the quality turned out to be on top: only a special tool managed to inflict damage on the screen surface. It became clear that neither a bunch of keys, nor other metal objects in a pocket next to a Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G smartphone would damage its protective glass Gorilla Glass 6.

The sub-screen fingerprint scanner worked correctly even after damage was caused to the display, and when the screen was held over the lighter for 20 minutes, the matrix did not suffer at all.

And finally, the smartphone also passed the bend test: slightly bent from the efforts made by the technoblogger, it immediately took its original shape as soon as the voltage was removed.

The tester was particularly praised for the high structural strength of Note 10+ 5G, even the large length of the device did not affect it.