A drone in the shape of an owl was offered by the Russian military (5 photos)

Military aircraft of many countries are activelydevelops and develops unmanned aerial vehicles. Russia is also not lagging behind. At the exhibition "Army-2019", the technopark of the Ministry of Defense "ERA" presented a rather original reconnaissance drone.

An unusual model made in the form of a polar owl. The developers assure that the similarity with this bird makes their device less noticeable. The flying device weighs five kilograms. The gadget itself specifies the coordinates of the target, highlighting it for artillery and aviation with a special laser targeting system. The owl is equipped with a silent electric motor. In the air, it can be about 40 minutes.

But our military did not stop there. They created another drone in the form of a falcon. It was equipped with a speaker. The development is designed to scare away birds from airfields, imitating the cries of this predator. As they say in the media, both new items were originally created for secretive targeting.