LG introduced a flexible display that can be wrinkled

LG introduced a prototype of a flexible display that can be twisted, wrinkled and stretched in different directions.

The manufacturer moved away from the concept of roll screens and used in his invention the material from which contact lenses are made. This material is flexible and durable.

The screen can be twisted at any angle, crumpled and stretched. LEDs do not break because they have a spring structure. It is noted that the basic diagonal of the display is 12 inches, you can increase it to 14.

According to representatives of LG, the developmentwrinkling screens will be completed in 2024. It will be possible to use such screens in the creation of wearable devices, the production of clothing and furniture. Also, devices can be attached to the form of rescuers or doctors, so that they use them for online data transfer.

Source: avinteractive