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Total Lunar Eclipse May 16, 2022: Everything you need to know

Thanks to solar and lunar eclipses, andmany other astronomical phenomena, each of us has the opportunity to feel like scientists. We always try to provide timely coverage of eclipses and asteroids - we even published an article with links to inexpensive equipment specifically for amateur astronomers. At the end of April, people who found themselves in South America, Antarctica or the Pacific Ocean could watch a partial solar eclipse. Soon, on May 16, 2022, residents of some parts of the world will be able to watch a total lunar eclipse. Considering that only 2-3 lunar eclipses occur annually, such a rare event cannot be missed. Let's find out what will happen soon and will the inhabitants of Russia, Europe and other countries be able to see the lunar eclipse?

Where to watch the lunar eclipse on May 16, 2020? Let's figure it out

Lunar eclipse May 16, 2022

Talk about what a lunar eclipse isnothing, because we have already described this phenomenon many times. For new visitors to our site, I will briefly note that this lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, and casts its shadow on the last one. When the Moon is completely under the shadow, this is a total eclipse, and when only part of the natural satellite is blocked, this is a partial eclipse.

All stages of the lunar eclipse in one photo

When the moon is eclipsed, the shadow is not soas clear as a solar eclipse. The upcoming lunar eclipse will take place on May 16 - the full phase will come at 7:13 am Moscow time. Residents of the entire American continent will be able to observe the astronomical phenomenon. Those in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and New Zealand will only be content with a penumbral eclipse. But you should not be upset, because it is still beautiful - the surface of the Moon will be painted in a reddish color. This effect occurs due to the refraction of light by the earth's atmosphere.

During an eclipse, the moon turns red

Interesting fact: sometimes the moon takes on an ashy color. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the surface of the satellite is not illuminated by direct sunlight. The Ash Moon can be observed shortly before and shortly after the new moon.

Lunar eclipse in Russia

As you can already understand, the inhabitants of RussiaYou can't watch a lunar eclipse. This is due to the fact that when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, we will already have morning and the natural satellite will be over the other hemisphere. But all is not lost, because every eclipse is filmed with telescopes and huge observatories. So it will be possible to watch the event on the Internet, and in very good quality. Of course, this does not compare with the independent observation of the eclipse, but it is at least something.

Solar and lunar eclipses often take turns

Verify that such a pattern exists.You will be able to by the end of 2022. The next partial solar eclipse will occur on October 25 at 13:48 Moscow time, we will probably write more about this, so subscribe to our Telegram channel. In a couple of weeks, astronomy lovers should expect another total lunar eclipse - it will begin on November 8 at 14:02. Unfortunately, this time we will not see anything either, because the conditions for its start will only arise in the daytime. It is worth noting that good weather is needed to observe astronomical phenomena, because rain clouds, fog and other natural phenomena can simply block the sky.

A lot of astronomical phenomena await us in 2022

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One of the most scientifically interestingMany people have already missed the lunar eclipse - it happened on November 19, 2021. On this day, space lovers saw only the lower left corner of the moon for more than three hours. Such a long lunar eclipse has not been as much as 580 years. Of course, in itself, watching this event can hardly be called exciting. But the very fact that this is a very rare occurrence attracts attention. You can read more about the longest lunar eclipse in this article.