iRobot created a lawnmower robot (6 photos + video)

Terra follows in the footsteps of her cousins ​​anduses the same navigation and mapping systems. He mows without human intervention, maps the area he covered, and automatically returns to his base. Terra can also recharge and resume work from where it left off.

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Unlike other automated systemsmowing, requiring owners to install wires around their yard, iRobot developed a solution that uses wireless beacons that are located around the lawn to help Terra recognize the boundaries of their work space. Thanks to the latest fingerprint mapping technology, also introduced on the newest Roomba, the lawn mower will create a lawn map on which you can identify areas that you do not need to mow, such as flower beds.

Terra is waterproof and not afraid of dirt, it can be controlled using the Home application, where the mowing schedule and grass height are adjusted.

iRobot reports that the Terra Robot Mower model will be available for sale in Germany and through a beta program in the US for a year, without specifying the price and the exact start of sales.