A bug in iCloud allowed to view recordings from other iPhones (3 photos + video)

Experts claim that Apple customers couldsuffer from another security breach. They believe that the bug found in iCloud allowed complete strangers to read notes stored on another person’s iPhone.

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Worse, allegedly this flaw was hushed upbosses from California who quietly solved the problem before it became public. This news came just a few days after it became known that the failure of FaceTime allowed the video call software to eavesdrop on users.

A violation at the end of last year was founda Turkish cybersecurity researcher Melih Sevim. Due to the vulnerability, he was able to read the notes of other users, just knowing their phone numbers. In these notes you could even find bank card numbers and passwords.

In November, he reported this to the security service.Apple, which recognized the problem, but responded that the company had already reviewed it before receiving details from it. Then Apple obviously decided not to warn millions of its users about the error.