NASA needs another 20 billion dollars to land people on the moon by 2024

NASA needs another 20-30 billion dollarsbeyond the current budget of the space agency, to land people on the moon by 2024. This was told by NASA administrator Jim Brydenstein. “Think of this as a short-term investment that will allow us to get a stable program on the moon, after which we will eventually move to Mars,” said Brydenstein.

How much money does NASA need to master the moon?

The future moon landing mission that receivedThe name Artemis in honor of the Greek goddess, whose brother Apollo was, has already caused some controversy after a short speech by Donald Trump, who in May said he wanted to send astronauts to the moon, and wrote a week ago that it was a waste of time.

"NASA should NOT talk about sending to the moon - wedid it 50 years ago. They should focus on much more important things that we do, including Mars (of which Luna is also a part), ”Trump tweeted on June 7th.

However, Brydenstein does not seem to be scared by the president’s uncertainty. He pretends that Trump is just talking about a wider context.

"How do we learn to live and work in another world,namely, on the Moon, and then go to Mars and do it in such a way that after all this is over, the Americans have a program that they would be proud of for a very long time?

NASA’s current space budget is alreadyabout 20 billion a year, and any budget increase must go through Congress. Brydenstein repeatedly stated that Congress could find the money. The Trump regime has already filed a request for an additional $ 1.6 billion for the NASA budget for the next fiscal year.

However, without additional funding from NASA,Wherever it comes from, any future trip to the moon will most likely be postponed to 2028. And this will be a problem for Trump, because, obviously, he is not worried about space, but only the honors he would have received if this mission had taken place during his presidency.

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