Internet Explorer allows hackers to steal user information (video)

Users who have computersinstalled the latest versions of Windows operating systems, are at risk of a hacker attack. Cyber ​​Security Specialist John Page has found out that a proprietary Internet Explorer browser has a vulnerability that allows hackers to steal files and install spyware on users. It does not even have to use Internet Explorer.

The expert immediately reported the identified Microsoft. However, a quick reaction was not followed, so Paget posted data about the vulnerability in open access. The ability to exploit the vulnerability, even when Internet Explorer is not used, was obtained by hackers due to one of the latest Windows operating system functions. The operating system automatically opens the MHTML file format (web page archive format, MHT) in Internet Explorer.

In the case when via messenger or byan infected MHTML file arrives, the user only needs to open it, and by default Windows launches it via Internet Explorer, allowing fraudsters to access the victim’s computer. Vulnerabilities are affected by PCs on which Windows 10, 7 and Server 2012 R2 are installed.

Vulnerability alert Microsoftpromises to eliminate this possibility in the next update. However, until the release of the promised update, users remain vulnerable to hackers. Therefore, you must either simply remove Internet Explorer, or make changes and assign the opening of MHT files in another browser.