WhatsApp introduces call service for desktops (2 photos)

For almost two years, the WhatsApp messengeris working on the implementation of calls in WhatsApp Web / Desktop (always requires a connection to the phone) and is now announcing the beginning of the beta phase of voice and video calls.

Individual WhatsApp users working withdesktop computers will be able to see two new call buttons in the chat header on WhatsApp Desktop. If the user receives a voice call or a call from WhatsApp Web / Desktop, a separate window opens in which it will be possible to accept or reject the incoming call. The page will also display an avatar and username.

WhatsApp is currently providing the servicebeta versions are only for some users, however, every day the number of clients connected to the function of voice and video calls will grow. The launch date for the full version of calls via desktop computers has not yet been announced.

Source: wabetainfo