Pepsi ordered the first space advertising in the world (4 pics + video)

Modern manufacturers for the sake of advertising newproducts are ready to use any of the most sophisticated techniques. So, recently it became known that the Russian company StartRocket received the first order for advertising, which is a picture of a flotilla of small satellites built in the night sky. The customer, PepsiCo, said that the Adrenaline Rush energy drink would be advertised from space.

PepsiCo believes that an unusualAn innovative way of advertising from space is fully consistent with the company's policies and also corresponds to the basic idea of ​​the advertised product Adrenaline Rush. StartRocket initially planned to work with leading global companies capable of financing “space-scale HYIP”. It remains unclear how other countries, astronomers and ordinary people will react when annoying ads are broadcast directly from the sky above their heads.

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StartRocket’s idea is to output tolow orbits of a flotilla of small Cubesat type satellites equipped with sails with a reflective surface. The height of the orbit of the flight of advertising satellites will be from 400 to 500 km. From the command center, a swarm of satellites will assign a command according to which they will line up in a certain order and begin to transmit an image of the inscription to Earth using reflected sunlight.

Company StartRocket previously conducted testswith balloons filled with helium. To launch a squadron of Cubesat satellites, a wealthy customer was required, which was PepsiCo. The commencement of the commercial launch of advertising from space is scheduled for 2021, and the cost of the 8-hour commercial will be estimated at $ 20,000.