ONE Mini - an indispensable pocket translator (6 photos + video)

People who travel frequently suffer fromignorance of local languages. So, in Korea, many unfamiliar English. The local language for learning is very difficult. The ONE Mini translator can help out in a similar situation.

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The design of the gadget is quite simple. It includes a speaker, a microphone and a board that connects to a special application on a smartphone. Speech is recorded when necessary. It is then processed on the developer servers. The finished material is displayed on the ONE Mini speaker, as well as on the smartphone display. To launch a novelty, you need to mark in the application the languages ​​that you and your interlocutor speak. Then you can simply communicate, ONE Mini will translate words and play them in a robotic voice.

There is a gadget and a headphone jack,allows you to use the device as a traditional player. ONE Mini is also equipped with a clip on the case, allowing it to be worn on clothing and in pockets. The battery operates up to 20 hours.

There are a dozen languages ​​in the device database: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Russian, German and others. According to the creators, this is enough for easy communication with residents of 90% of the countries of our planet.

If the software does not cope with the translation, hotline with the operator who knows the desired language. But for this service you will have to pay $ 2 per minute. The authors of the project are now raising funds to start production via Kickstarter. ONE Mini customers cost $ 79. You can choose one of five colors: white, black, red, green and orange. Deliveries should start in early summer.