Ilon Mask presented the current Neuralink neural interface (4 photos)

Learn to control the world around you with the help ofThe power of thought is one of the most ancient desires of man, more than once mentioned in fairy tales, myths and science fiction novels. The tireless enthusiast Ilon Musk, who seems really "born to make a fairy tale come true," has made his efforts in this industry. Recently, he demonstrated a ready-made prototype of a device created by his other company, Neuralink, which allows him to control the power of thought by a computer.

The announced device consists of a processor and1,5 thousand electrodes that are implanted in the brain in close proximity to synapses and neurons. The thickness of the electrodes is 4 times thinner than a human hair (4-6 micrometers) and a special robotic system is responsible for their placement. Electrodes read electromagnetic waves of the brain and transmit to the earphone connected to the computer.

According to Mask, experimenters have alreadyconducted real tests using Neuralink, connected to the brain of rats and monkeys. Primates even managed to control the computer, although Mask did not voice any details on the test. Already in 2020, experiments with human participation are planned.