Nintendo has announced an updated version of the Switch console (4 photos)

For fans of game console Switch from the companyNintendo one of the most important wishes is to increase the battery life of the device. The manufacturer went to meet the wishes of consumers and is an updated Switch HAC-001 (-01) console with increased runtime.

Unlike the basic Switch model working from2.5 to 6.5 hours, the new version will be able to entertain the hosts for 4.5 - 9 hours. The duration of the game offline depends on the game. The updated Nintendo Switch model is already available on the company's official website. Specific data on how to increase the Switch operation time are not specified. The new processor and memory announced in the database of the Federal Communications Commission of the United States could provide some clarity, but the company itself did not provide additional comments.

To distinguish the updated version of the Nintendo Switchfrom the standard, you will have to grasp the serial numbers, which for this model will start with the letters XKW. Changes made to the printing design of the box for the Switch.

On the left is the box of the original Switch, on the right - the updated version.

In addition, from October 4, Nintendo will startsale of joycons in colors different from the standard blue-red color solution. New Joycons will be delivered in blue-green and purple-orange color.