Huawei’s Mate X Flexible Screen also Couldn’t Survive (video)

The first flexible screens for smartphones showcasethe main problems and reveal the shortcomings of this new form of factor. First of all, the area of ​​the screen in the place of the bend fails. Also, a hinge joint, which should be resistant to cyclic loads and effective protection from dust and moisture, can become a problem in the design. All these problems appeared in the Galaxy Fold smartphones, from Samsung that launched the first commercial smartphones with a flexible screen.

However, later released smartphones with a flexible screenHuawei's Mate X, so far, has not shown clear problems with screen strength. However, on the eve of the New Year on Twitter, a video of the malfunctioning Mate X appeared, which shows one non-working half of the screen, a flickering second, which shows an influx of incomprehensible origin in the field of articulation.

This is great! Huawei Mate X Source:

- Max J. (@Samsung_News_) December 26, 2019

Given the fact that obvious damage to the casenot noticed, many experts suggested that the problem could have arisen as a result of a broken joint. The author of the video does not comment on what happened. In addition, given that this is still an isolated case, we can assume that the user just came across a smartphone with a defective hinge.