Introduced the world's first virtual studio in virtual reality (video)

Virtual reality is becoming commonplacetechnology used in many areas of human life. VR got to the creative process of recording musical compositions. In the bowels of Leitrim at the SkywatcherVR studio, Irish musician Paul Cullen developed the unique Instrument Studio VR application, which is a fully virtual recording studio.

Developer Paul Cullen has spent the past two yearslearning how to develop applications for VR, and at the first stage in 2017, he proposed a simple virtual set of percussion instruments in VR. The enthusiast is helped by Kenny and Karl Papenfusy from the Irish group Relish, who released 10 hits that have won recognition in many countries of the world.

Creating a virtual studio will reduce financialthreshold for young musicians when recording their first works. Now, instead of expensive equipment and musical instruments, you only need a headset and VR controllers. To move around the studio, users can use the joystick, click on the tools in the menu of the portable device or use voice commands.

The Instrument Studio VR application has already been noted by experts and has been nominated for the DreamlandXR festival award, planned as part of the CES 2020 events.