The minicomputer was created in the form factor of a business card (2 photos)

Famous Small ComputersThe Raspberry Pi haunts many imitators and enthusiasts who periodically bring new miniature devices to the market. However, the engineer George Hilliard realized the extremely minimal package size and functionality, outwardly similar to an ordinary business card, running Linux and mainly designed to work as an external drive with a small amount of memory.

Presented minicomputer on features notIt’s worth even comparing with the Raspberry Pi, since only the most necessary components are located on the card. Nevertheless, the enthusiast is sure that subsequent improvements to the scheme will expand the capabilities of his device.

The volume of the drive on the card is only 8 MB and according to the planBilliard is where the working application should be placed, of small volume. To boot Linux, the card connects via USB to a computer. Also, two Python text interpreters are built into the device’s memory.

The price of the device is 2.88 dollars. You can use it as an external medium to perform specific functions.

Source: slashgear