Help for the disabled: a wheelchair that can climb stairs by itself

Manufacturability penetrates into our lives so much that even the most mobile people are already able to access those things that used to literally lock them at home.

The biggest problem forwheelchair users were always stairs. Especially if the disabled person did not have the opportunity to ask someone for help. And another problem was the unpaved surfaces, which are sometimes too uneven to ride on them.

Therefore, Switzerland developed an electronicstroller (like the one Stephen Hawking had). The peculiarity of this stroller is that it has a kind of robotic arm, and it is also the most convenient to manage.

Also at the bottom of the structure isa special module, which consists of two t-height rails, with which you can adjust the height and inclination of the stroller, which allows, for example, to reach the height of a healthy person and reach the top shelves in the store.

“I feel like Professor X,” admits the girl who tested this stroller.

You can climb the stairs with the help of the samedesigns, only, however, back. On the surface of the two racers there is a caterpillar surface that clings to bumps, and thus lifts a person and a stroller without any extra effort. You can also go down in this way, on each step a disabled person is slowed down by a special stopper at the end of the raceshin.

The stroller itself can accelerate over 10km / h, which is also very useful for a disabled person. True, the design has its drawbacks. For example, to drag the stroller into the car, you will need special ramps. But this does not mean that the chair is uncomfortable.

A test drive is now available for Europeansstrollers, for this they need to go to the Scewo website, which is the manufacturer, and then give feedback. It will be clear in season whether the stroller will cope with wet or slippery steps. But the tracks, in general, look very reliable. They are controlled by phone.

The chair will go on sale at the end of this year, the final price is still unknown. But, probably, for the Russians, it can also be available with the help of subsidies from various funds.