Swim, walk and in the city: fully waterproof backpack

Love hiking and making blogs about it?Then, for sure, every time you are going to conquer the next peak or swamp, you would like to have a waterproof backpack with you. Well, or to be really comfortable.

In general, a similar solution is needed for everyday life, especially for residents of Vladivostok and St. Petersburg. A great option is the new waterproof modular backpack from Lavante.

The backpack is made using RF welding, and can be used both in the city, for example, as a bag, and outside the city for small adventures.

It is worth talking about welding separately. Thanks to this method of fastening all parts and a water-repellent surface, the bag can be completely thrown into the water, and nothing will happen to the contents in it.

So far, the backpack is only available on Kickstarter, andit is offered to pay $ 135 for it, which is actually an acceptable price for a good bag. The retail price will be slightly higher, but still within acceptable limits.

The first copies will start shipping in December, so if you live in the United States or in another country where the site is available, you can purchase a copy for yourself.