Guide to promotions and discounts. About loans and installments

Greetings! Usually on the pages of the "Promotions and Discounts Guide" almost no attention is paid to this method.

purchase of goods as a loan.Meanwhile, the situation on the market is such that for many, even buying a banal smartphone with a monthly salary is not possible. If we are talking about some larger and more expensive product, then it may not be possible to get by with a bank credit card, meeting the interest-free period, and such cards usually imply unreasonably large interest payments for using the loan. Someone draws up a consumer loan in "their" bank, but this is also not always convenient. Especially if you are shopping online. So let's close the gap. In addition, the conditions of loan offers from electronics stores change quite rarely, so it would be logical to collect them all in one place.

Important general note. All described programs imply that you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, over 18 years old and purchase goods as an individual.

"M Video"

Credit history and installment offers at M.Video” and “Eldorado” are somewhat different, so we again return to the division of this network into two parts. It is in M.Video that there is a loan, but there is an installment plan. Which is also a loan, but the goods are given a discount in the amount of interest, so if you pay off the loan ahead of schedule, you will get a net benefit. However, as a rule, such options provide for a ban on early repayment earlier than 3-6 months, so the savings are not so great. In addition, most likely, if some benefits were prescribed in the loan (for example, for insurance), then you will lose them and the payment for early repayment will be more than if you paid as planned. In general, an occupation for those who carefully read all the clauses of the contract, so I usually don’t write about such an opportunity to save money in the Promotions Guide - there are too many pitfalls that depend on a specific contract, which, in turn, depends on the chosen bank, and not just from the trading network.

Loan to M.Video can be done both online and offline. Unlike installments, lending is available for almost all goods, except for very cheap and very expensive ones. At the moment, there is a limit of at least 3 thousand rubles, but not more than 300 thousand rubles, while several goods can be included in the credit at once. It is important to note that the amount of monthly payments that the store's website shows when applying online has little to do with the one that you actually get. This is not an offer, but simply a certain average amount calculated on the basis of the average interest rates at which M.Video partner banks offer you to get a consumer loan. Those. in practice, the amount may be either less or more than shown. More often - the second option.

When applying online after submitting an application, youYou will already see actual offers on the terms and amounts of the monthly payment from all banks that agree to approve a loan for you. In rare, but still occurring cases from time to time, at this stage, a refusal to issue a loan by a particular bank may occur. The reason is that the trading network sets a certain timer for the "approval" of the loan, so some banks may show you a pre-approved option, and then "wrap" for some internal reason. Also, depending on the bank, a courier visit may be required for signing, but there may also be a completely electronic execution, in which you put a “signature” by sending an SMS code. If you chose not to deliver the goods to your home, but to pick it up yourself, you can issue the loan documents in the store, but you will need the original passport.

It is important to note that the shipment of the goods to you will becarried out only after the execution of the loan agreement by the bank. In the event that an item is in short supply or in short supply, a fully online checkout may result in you having to wait for the next shipment. In this case, it is more appropriate to either choose pickup or resort to offline lending. The latter is a classic trip to the store: find a sales assistant, tell him what product you want to purchase on credit, and then go with him to the zone, which is now called "M.Credit". An income statement is not required, but a passport is required.

Banks with which M.Video: OTP Bank, Renaissance Credit, Home Credit, Post Bank, Mokka, Tinkoff, Credit EuropeBank (offline only), MTS Bank, Russian Standard Bank, Sovcombank" and Kviku (online only).

Significantly different conditions for installments.The “Unconditional installment plan” campaign itself is long-term, now its expiration date has not been determined, but if the economic situation remains stable, it will last until the end of the year or longer. The last update of the conditions is dated April 4 this year. Unlike a loan, which can be issued for any product or goods subject to price restrictions, an installment plan can only be issued for a specific list. Yes, it is impressive (more than 5,000 items), but far from comprehensive, and if divided into categories, in some places it literally consists of a couple of positions. In addition, marketplace goods (and this is a tangible piece imported by parallel import), premium goods, some brands (Bork, Smeg, Miele) and a number of goods and services for connection, insurance, etc. are completely excluded from the goods available in installments.

Another important point.Installment offers have few options for loan terms. For all Apple brand products, this is only 12 months. For others, you can also choose 18 or 24 months. The down payment will also always be zero; it is impossible to reduce the loan amount in this way. But still, it can be reduced by using bonus rubles on a loyalty card or gift certificates. But promotional codes, coupons, promotional gift, virtual and corporate cards will not be used. There is no choice of a bank, MTS Bank will act as your lender without an alternative. Registration is possible both online and offline, in this regard, little changes in comparison with a loan. Unless the button will need to be pressed another.

Additional payment option -use of the "Halva" card. The conditions will be the same as what you received from your bank on this card. But there is an important limitation. When choosing a payment method, the courier will not be able to use this card; it works either with online payment or at the store's checkout.


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"El Dorado"

In general, the procedures of Eldorado and M.Video are the same, but there are also a number of important differences.

When applying offline, most likely, in addition to your passport, you will be asked to provide another document (license, TIN, SNILS, foreign, etc.).

Loan limits vary. The minimum amount is not three, but one and a half thousand rubles.

When applying for a loan and delivery is possible onlyfully electronic loan processing. For confirmation, only SMS is required. The courier will bring you already signed documents along with the goods.

The list of banks and services is slightly differentpartners, and it differs depending on the form of delivery and payment for the goods. With self-pickup, these will be: Renaissance Credit, Alfa Bank, Home Credit, Russian Standard Bank, Post Bank, Mokka, MTS Bank, Tinkoff, Buy Don't Save (Bank service Home Credit), OTP Bank, Kviku and Sovcombank. Alfa Bank is not ready to work completely offline. Only Renaissance, Home Credit, Kviku and Buy Don't Save agree to work with delivery.

The “Fair installment plan” is also different from the “Unconditionalinstallments". Firstly, it is valid only until May 1 this year, after which the conditions may be changed. Secondly, the down payment on it is possible within 30% of the value of the goods. Thirdly, the amount limits are the same as for other loans in Eldorado. Fourthly, in addition to MTS-Bank, the loan is provided by the following banks: Home Credit and Finance Bank, Renaissance Credit, Russian Standard Bank, Post Bank, OTP Bank, Credit Europe Bank , Tinkoff Bank, MFC Revo Technologies, LLC MFC AirLoans, MCC Buy Don't Save, Sovcombank, MCC Credit Line, Always DA LLC, Direct Credit Center LLC. Well, of course, there are differences in the lists of goods available for this type of lending.


Installment from DNS is a regular guest of the column,since the fundamental difference between this network and most others is that a discount approximately corresponding to interest payments on a loan can be obtained as part of the promotional offers of the Installment or Benefit series. Almost every week, DNS puts up new products that you can either get at a significant discount by paying in full here and now, or the retail chain will provide a discount on the product in the amount of interest payments on a loan approved by the bank for you. As far as I know, this is practically the only one of the large chains that eliminates fraud with early repayment of a soft loan in this way.

There are a number of other features as well.Firstly, if a partial prepayment is made for a product or it is sold only with full prepayment, then it will not be possible to issue a loan or installment plan for such a product online - only through the credit department of the store. Secondly, the scheme chosen by DNS makes it possible to use installments when applying for a loan in any of the partner banks, since the registration of the discount lies entirely with the trading network. But the timing and size of loan payments - this is exclusively a bank. So even if the action is called 0-0-24, this does not mean that the first installment is necessarily zero, and the loan term is 24 months. The terms of the loan offer, in principle, range from three to 36 months. Also, nowhere on the website of the network could I find direct references to the limits on the amounts for which a loan can be issued.

To apply for a loan, depending on the bank andof the city where you purchase the goods, it can be either a fully electronic registration with the signing of an agreement by sending an SMS code, or a classic visit to a bank branch. Fortunately, you can find out about such a need right on the site during the ordering process.

Credit institutions with which it cooperatesDNS: Home Credit Bank, OTP Bank, Tinkoff, Russian Standard Bank, Renaissance Credit, Sovcombank, Buy Don't Save (from Home Credit Bank), Post Bank, Credit Europe Bank and MTS Bank.


Trading network "Citylink" in recent yearssignificantly reformatted its retail stores, so that features appear even when offline design. It is somewhat similar to online registration, since you still have to go to the site (through the terminal in the store), select a product and only then go to the credit manager, fill out a questionnaire, wait for approval, etc. The product is booked after the approval of the bank loan, so it is possible that it will have to wait for it to arrive at the warehouse if it was the last sample. The online version is nothing special. After placing the goods in the basket, choose the payment method "On credit", fill out an online questionnaire, get possible credit options, and then sign either electronically or wait for the courier. The latter depends on the bank, the selected store and your desire. But there is a nuance. When using the electronic procedure for signing a loan agreement, you will immediately proceed to the delivery process after registration. If you need to sign documents sent by courier (or in the case of Sovcombank when visiting a branch), then there will be a noticeable time lag - delivery will be completed only after the bank informs the distribution network that the contract has been concluded.

As for the installment plan, then, as elsewhere, in"Citilink" only a certain list of goods is available for preferential lending. Moreover, each of these products may have restrictions on options. There are four formulas in total: 0-0-6, 0-0-10, 0-0-12 and 0-0-24. Those. it is a zero down payment and a term of 6, 10, 12 or 24 months. There is no option for 18 months.

Requirements for the borrower are completely standard,additional documents are not required. The minimum cost of goods in installments or credit is 2 thousand rubles. The maximum is not specified. Depending on the chosen method of obtaining a loan, you may be faced with the fact that you can only pick up the goods by self-delivery. It saves the fact that all restrictions can be tracked at the online checkout stage, but the store likes to use pictograms to inform, so be careful, incomprehensible pictures in the corner can help you avoid inconvenient options.

Banking organizations with which it worksCitylink (common for loans and installments): Tinkoff, OTP Bank, Post Bank, Renaissance Credit, Kviku, Mokka, MTS Bank, Home Credit Bank and its service Buy don't save. Once again, I note that which of the desired conditions are available for a particular buyer, the site will show automatically during checkout.


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The MTS company has its own "MTS Bank", but the loanor installment plan when buying through the MTS online store can be issued not only in it. This is the first important point. The second is that MTS does not have a completely developed offline lending option, so, most likely, in a communication store you can purchase goods either in installments or with full payment. If there is no installment model of interest, then it is better to apply for a loan online.

Latest update of installment promotion ruleswas held on March 30, the new rules should be valid until the end of the year, but, as I said above, if the economic situation changes, the company has the right to change the conditions for new offers. What are the features of the installment plan from MTS in the MTS online store? The only way to receive the goods is self-delivery, so you cannot avoid going to the salon. Also, not all goods can simply be taken in installments, some are available only when purchasing an additional product (as a rule, we are talking about accessories), the cost of which will be added on credit. For some, there are two options, with and without additional goods, while the terms and conditions of the loan will change. The purchase limit is from 3 to 300 thousand rubles. Loan terms depend on the chosen bank, but in general it is from 3 to 12 months.

In addition to MTS Bank, you can choose Tinkoff,"Post Bank" or "OTP Bank". The first installment is zero, but the lending conditions have slight differences, including the interest for using the loan, i.e. the amount that MTS will provide in the form of a discount on the goods. No additional promotions work when using the installment option, except for gifts for the product.

With regard to lending, as was said,it is actually only online. The difference from installments is that you can choose other products (the amount limits are the same), and, of course, you do not receive discounts on goods in the amount of interest payments. No delivery, only pickup. The list of banking organizations, in general, is the same, but you will receive notifications only from those who agree to issue your loan.


In the salons of MegaFon, perhaps the most unusualset of options for lending and installments. Firstly, MegaFon is one of the few retail chains that offers loans to citizens of the CIS (subject to permanent registration in the Russian Federation). Secondly, in addition to standard loans and installments, it is proposed to participate in the campaign with installments from Sberbank and payment in parts of Yandex Split.

Loans can be applied for online or option, but here the number of banking organizations is significantly reduced (only Tinkoff and Buy Don't Save). The online store cooperates with Home Credit, OTP Bank, Renaissance Credit, Tinkoff, Post Bank, and loans provided by MegaFon Retail JSC are also available, for which, immediately after the goods are transferred to the buyer, the rights of claim are assigned T-Finance LLC (part of the Tinkoff Group). For installments, you can choose from the offers of Home Credit, OTP Bank, Renaissance Credit, Tinkoff, Post Bank and MCC Strana Express. Depending on the bank and the chosen method of lending, there is a wide range in amounts and terms. The minimum cost of goods that can be selected is 1,500 rubles, and the maximum is up to 500,000. The term is from 3 to 36 months. If you choose installments, then insurance will be mandatory.

It is important to note that tariff plans, Yota brand products are not available for lending.

As for the unique offer in the forminstallment plan from Sberbank, it has a number of features. Firstly, it is not available for all products (even for those for which an installment plan is offered, a label is needed specifically for the Sberbank offer). Secondly, the age is already over 21 years old. Thirdly, you must have a Sberbank debit card and a connected mobile bank. Of the benefits - a loan for a period of 6 months to 2 years and convenient service for bank customers, including fully electronic registration and the possibility of courier delivery of goods. Some minus - purchase limits from three to 300 thousand rubles. The loan can be repaid early.

As for Yandex Split, then, in general,"MegaFon" it is exactly the same as in any other online store that cooperates with "Yandex". When making a purchase, you can choose to pay in installments within 2, 4 or 6 months, and if you fit in two, the service does not charge a commission. For 4 months it will be about 5% of the cost of the goods, and for 6 months - 10%. The purchase amount is divided into four or six (only for a semi-annual loan) equal parts, of which you pay the first one immediately, and then in equal parts once every two weeks (2 months) or once a month (4 and 6 months, “long split”) . The difference from a classic loan is in a simplified paperwork, which does not require a passport (only a phone number and a card number from which payment will be made). Bank approval is not required, only the presence of an initial payment on the card. Of course, everything works completely online, and nothing more.


The Beeline website is the most unfriendly place forsearch for credit terms and installments. If you even managed to see the corresponding item in the menu, then do not click, it does not lead anywhere. You can find out about all the conditions, partner banks and other things only during the ordering process. In general, you can guess that there are some kind of loan offers only by going to the product card for which the installment plan is provided. Thank you that at least you will know that the model is participating in the promotion by the label on the banner in the catalog. What follows is summarized as much as possible. On the second page of the product checkout, in the section for choosing a payment method, there will be buttons: “On credit or installment plan online”, “On credit or installment plan in the salon” and an additional switch “On credit without overpayment”. You can activate the latter only if the product is eligible for the promotion, and the credit period you have chosen allows you to receive a discount. At the same time, the format 0-0-12 (or any other) indicated on the banner does not mean anything, offers from banks that do not fit into these restrictions will be available for selection.

As elsewhere, after choosing the conditions, the site sendsan application to the organization for loan approval, and then everything depends on the chosen method of obtaining the goods and the financial institution. Available terms: 6, 10, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months. Partner banks: MTS Bank, Home Credit, Renaissance Credit, Post Bank, Buy Don't Save, OTP Bank, Sovcombank. If you choose installments for 24 or 36 months, then the purchase of the Maximum Protection policy for two years will become mandatory. Its cost will also be included in the loan amount.

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