Crew Dragon ship successfully docked to ISS

Yesterday, March 2, 2019, an event took placewhich the world has been waiting for for several years - the Spacex Crew Dragon from SpaceX was sent to the ISS at the top of the reusable carrier rocket Falcon 9. There were no living people inside the ship: they were replaced by the dummy of the main character of the series of science fiction films Alien - Ripley. Despite the concerns of Ilona Mask, the SpaceX Crew Demo-1 mission was successful, and the device docked without any problems with the International Space Station. Record broadcast is available for viewing.

Fears of SpaceX founder Ilona Mask wererelated to the fact that the ship was required to perform all tasks independently. Until now, SpaceX devices were relieved of such worries, because they were captured by a huge robotic arm. Fortunately, the whole operation went without any difficulties - the device neatly approached the station and successfully docked it.

Crew Dragon ship designed to delivercosmonauts - earlier for this purpose the spacecraft "Soyuz" was used. The successful docking proved that NASA will no longer be dependent on Russian technology and will be able to deliver astronauts using SpaceX. The device is able to work autonomously and is equipped with a life support system, but it is also equipped with a manual control panel, so that in case of a malfunction, the pilots can take control in their hands.

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It is noteworthy that the path to successful launch andThe docking was quite long. Initially, the launch of the device was scheduled for January 7, but was later postponed to March 2. The reasons for the transfer are unknown, but it is assumed that one of them was the shutdown of the US government.

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