"Drowned" Galaxy S21 lives for 12 days (video)

New smartphones are often exposed to the mostsophisticated tests: they are thrown on the asphalt, dropped from aircraft, drowned in the river. The author of the YouTube channel Photo Owl Time Lapse decided to test the "survival" underwater of the new Galaxy S21 model.

To test the Galaxy S21 againstwater, it was placed in the aquarium in working order. Then the enthusiast began to stream to YouTube, monitoring the health of the smartphone in real time. The duration of the water operation is controlled by the Galaxy S21 stopwatch.

According to Samsung developers, the smartphoneThe Galaxy S21 is water resistant to IP68 (30 minutes depth 1.5 meters). The smartphone is charged by wireless charging via the back of the aquarium. The device screen is on and the stopwatch is running.

The tester had to take out the smartphone twice alreadyto restart a timer capable of displaying only time up to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds. At the time of this writing, the Galaxy S21 is underwater for 272 hours.

After being underwater for 117hours 53 minutes, the smartphone issued a warning "Moisture detected." At the same time, the screen stopped responding to touch and randomly launched applications. After pressing several buttons, he returned to its former performance. At 241 hours, at the request of the audience, the enthusiast checked the work of the speakers. The sound was "terrible". The experimenter noted that on the next restart, which is now less than 30 hours, he will again check the operation of the speakers. If the smartphone continues to function.