Engineer enthusiast assembled flying transforming motorcycle

Surely many of you have heard about the project.Hoversurf, representing a flying motorcycle. However, as it turned out, there is a more interesting and interesting development in the world: a full-fledged motorcycle-transformer, which can soar above the earth's surface and move in the “usual” way on wheels. And using such a hybrid vehicle is a very unusual way to fly, and it is called La Moto Volante.

La Moto Volante in translation means just"Flying motorcycle", and behind its development is the French engineer-inventor Louis Infirmary. This is not the first creation of the author. The previous development of the LM-847 was also a hoverbike, but without the possibility of moving on wheels. In many ways, the new invention borrowed the details from the previous project.

On board, La Moto Volante carries the engine fromMaserati power 470 horsepower. Each wheel (there are 4 of them altogether) is fastened with a common construction by a separate lever. This had to be done so that the wheels could be turned in a horizontal plane and placed parallel to the ground. Next comes the fun part. Unlike the existing Hoversurf, which uses propellers, La Moto Volante has small jet turbines, activating which the driver (or in this case it can already be called a pilot?) Can soar in the air. In the “flight” state, La Moto Volante is structurally similar to quadrocopters with four blades, only in this case they are replaced by turbines, which give much more power.

The project was developed jointly with the Germanthe company Jetcat and at the moment it is not clear whether the sample will go even in some form in mass production. Officially, the full presentation of the device will take place on January 31 next 2019, but for now you can enjoy the short teaser available below.

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