# video | The project of the flying motorcycle Lazareth is real - it has risen to a meter height

The French company Lazareth is famous for itsfanciful motorcycles, which, with their stylish, bold and even aggressive appearance, demonstrate the corresponding enormous power. At the end of 2018, she presented a flying Moto Volante motorcycle, which at that time seemed to be a futuristic exhibit that was not intended for use in real conditions. A new video shows that it will still be available for purchase and is worthy of attention - it easily rose to a meter height and gently sank back.

The novelty is an evolution of the impressivewith its appearance and power of the Lazareth LM-847 motorcycle with four combined wheels and a Maserati engine with 470 horsepower. The main innovation in Moto Volante is JetCat jet turbines with 96,000 rpm in the middle of each wheel. Hydraulic drives move the wheels from a vertical to a horizontal position so that they can lift the structure up. For greater thrust, there are two additional nozzles in the middle of the chassis.

According to company representatives, Moto ownersVolante will first be able to go on ordinary roads, and then, dropping on a flat platform, will be able to soar upwards. The transition from driving mode to flight mode takes about 60 seconds - that is how much time is needed to prepare for takeoff. The design weighs 140 kilograms, so the engine needs to generate about 240 kilograms of thrust.

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Motorcycle Lazareth Moto Volante will be in the nextdemonstrated in October 2019, at the Gitex exhibition in Dubai. There will be open pre-orders - the cost will be quite high and will be about 560,000 dollars.

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