How long is the day on Saturn? Now we know for sure

Scientists already know how long a day lastsplanets of the solar system. Unfortunately, the exact duration of the day on Saturn still remained unknown, as the research yielded different indicators. In the XX century, it was possible to assume the duration of the day on the planet only from the results of observations from the ground-based telescope, but after the launch of the first unmanned probes, the figures became more accurate. Finally, the data from the Cassini apparatus gave an exact answer, which crosses out all previous assumptions.

The approximate duration of the day on Saturn wasknown before, but the numbers are always different. According to the research of the Voyager apparatus, which in its calculations was guided by the ratio of the magnetic field of the planet and the axis of its rotation, the day on Saturn lasted 10 hours, 39 minutes and 23 seconds. A 2004 Cassini survey indicated that the duration of a day on a gas planet was 10 hours, 45 minutes and 45 seconds.

A new study showed completely different numbers.and they are considered the most accurate, since the calculations were based on changes in the gravitational field caused by oscillations in the inner part of the planet. Using computer simulation, scientists compared internal fluctuations with the length of the planet’s daylight hours. Calculations involved a team of astrophysicists led by Christopher Mankovich.

The duration of the day on Saturn - 10 hours, 33 minutes and 38 seconds

The researchers explained that the particles in the ringsactively respond to changes in the gravitational field. In certain places, the ring particles catch vibrations and gradually accumulate energy, which is carried away in the form of an observed wave. It is these waves that allowed astrophysicists to find out the length of a day to the nearest second.

Recall that the Cassini machine burned down inthe atmosphere of Saturn September 15, 2017. The data he collected still helps scientists make important discoveries. For example, recently it became known that the rings of the gas giant were formed relatively recently, during the life of dinosaurs.

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