Developed a "social rating of Russians" (3 photos)

The system of assessing the social importance of citizens is alreadypracticed in some regions of China. They decided to introduce a similar novelty in Russia. The development is a Russian company BigData, working in the field of information processing.

In BigData plan to use for "marking"social rating of Russians information obtained from open sources, such as publications in the media, data from social networks and websites for the sale of goods and services with reviews of citizens, forums and other data from the Network. There will also be involved in the test database that contains information about offenses of citizens, such as accidents, arrests, detentions, registration with the police, contacts with people under arrest, credit debts and administrative violations.

In the end, every citizen will haveindividual rating indicating its potential danger to society. At the same time, according to the developers, the rating rating does not affect the political views of the Russians and can be used by banking and credit, insurance and educational institutions.