SolarCru will charge any gadget with the energy of the Sun (6 photos + video)

Portable solar panels, batteries for a long timeare not new, but the outdoor folding SolarCru solar cell worthy of special attention. The gadget is mounted on a backpack, charging a smartphone on the way, or just lying in the sun during a picnic.

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Of course, the speed of the device workdepends on the sunlight passing, by the way, and through the clouds. But, according to the authors of the project, 4 hours is enough for him to charge a modern smartphone. The basic power of the charger is 6 watts. By connecting the solar panels in parallel, this figure can be increased to 15 watts. You can make up no more than 3 batteries in this way, speeding up the charging process many times over. The maximum output parameters are 3A and 5B.

There are two versions of the gadget. The first is just a battery that works only when a consumer gadget is connected. The second was supplemented with a backup battery of 2,000 mAh. Both are very compact. Weigh 230 and 310 grams respectively.

Developers guarantee built-inmoisture protection as well as protection against overcharging and current. That is, you can, without fear of anything, connect the most expensive devices, using solar energy, even in conditions of changeable weather.

On pre-order SolarCru is offered for $ 29, then the price will increase to $ 33 dollars. The option with a built-in power bank will cost $ 34. In Russia, the device will be delivered for $ 9.