Steam Remote Play will allow you to run heavy PC games on weak devices (2 photos)

Valve announced the launch of a useful andinteresting update for Steam with the improved option of the remote mode of launching computer games. Until now, Steam In-Home Streaming allowed broadcasting games from a computer to other devices connected to a common home network. From now on, players will not be limited to the walls of their home. Now it will be possible to run games even on weak computers anywhere on the planet, if only there was access to Wi-Fi.

New option called Steam Remote Play. As noted in Valve, while it was launched experimentally. The program will allow gamers to broadcast their games from one PC to another, they just need to install Steam. The user will need internet as well as a connection to the Steam data center.

The developers allowed to run computergames remotely on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and TVs. Thus, if you have a powerful gaming station at home, a portable gadget (ultrabook / laptop, smartphone, tablet) that can run Steam, and a stable Internet, you can play GTA5 anywhere: in a hotel, in the forest, and in the yard of your house .