Cubo AI - advanced baby monitor with artificial intelligence (8 photos + video)

Video monitors are very popular these days. Behind them a positive reputation, which naturally creates demand. But the market is already oversaturated, as manufacturers vividly respond to the need for these products, and in order to be in trend, they try to come up with something unusual. When creating their product, the producers of video babies Cubo AI relied on the achievements in the field of developing artificial intelligence, while assuring that their creation yields a better picture than the products of competitors.

The recognition application is installed in Cubo AIpersons, which allows to determine why the child’s face is not visible and whether it is not dangerous for him, because the baby can simply lie on his stomach, or he can hide with a blanket over his head. Another special application recognizes crying and alerts adults. The camera monitors the actions of the child, not only in the crib, but also all of his movements around the room.

Cubo AI is able to record video durationup to 18 hours, thus you can not only control how the child slept and what he did, but also track the touching moments from the baby’s life and then put them into the family library’s video library.

Soft light will not disturb the night's sleepchild, and the night vision camera will help monitor the state of the sleeping baby throughout the night. The temperature and humidity of the air in the room is also controlled by the device. A special function of two-way voice communication will help you read the child's favorite fairy tale before bedtime, if for some reason you are not around.

Three Cubos are included with the Cubo AI baby monitorsupports - floor, for a bed and mobile, which can be used not only in any of the rooms of the house, but also to take with you on trips. The price of baby monitors Cubo AI - $ 199.

Source: Indiegogo