A smartphone with enhanced radiation protection and hackers is on its way (2 photos)

Modern smartphone users oftensuffer from hackers hacking mobile devices to steal sensitive personal data. In addition, the question remains open of the influence of radio emission on the health of a user who has been working with a smartphone for a long time. Both problems were attempted by a startup from Finland, Centinel Mobiles, which created a Centinel Phone smartphone running Android.

Centinel Mobiles has developed an innovativeA solution that guarantees the privacy of users who feel completely safe from unwanted GPS tracking, speech recognition, disguised audio recordings, and spying using the camera. This became possible with the Privacy Mode system, which is easy to control using the physical switch on the side panel of the device, allowing you to take three positions.

The smartphone also uses technologyallows real-time monitoring of the effects of radio emission on humans and blocking weak signals that pose a great danger to human health.

Privacy Mode Switch Manually Configuredby the user. In one of the modes, the camera and microphone are turned off, in the second, the geolocation service, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned off. Since the system works at the hardware level and does not depend on Android, hackers will not be able to disable it, which makes hacking a smartphone almost impossible.

The release of a radiation-protected and safer smartphone Centinel Phone is scheduled for the end of 2019 - the beginning of 2020 at a price of 670 dollars.