A new gadget turns any smartphone into a universal remote

Nowadays, everything penetrates our homes.more smart devices that are controlled by remote controls. Many companies and developers strive to create versatile devices that can control several electronic devices from the air conditioner to the refrigerator and microwave. The most optimal solution is to use as a remote control smartphones that almost everyone has now.

VigoRise has developed a uniqueUniversal IR Remote device that turns a smartphone into a universal remote control. The principle of operation of the gadget is quite simple. The device communicates with the smartphone using Wi-Fi and converts the received command into the infrared range. At the same time, the device supports work with Alexa voice assistant, which allows you to control home appliances using voice commands.

Universal IR Remote optimizes organsmanagement, which facilitates the user. Also, the device can be controlled remotely, which allows you to give a command to home helpers while outside the house.

The VigoRise device supports about50 thousand devices. At the same time, this list is constantly expanding. The cost of such a device is only 17 dollars. The low price and wide range of functions will allow Universal IR Remote to easily conquer the market, as the closest competitor with similar features of Logitech Harmony costs about $ 100.