Cockroaches are able to develop resistance to all types of chemicals.

Red cockroaches, also known as BlattellaGermanica, are widespread in Russia and pose a great threat to people - they are carriers of E. coli and Salmonella, and their feces often cause allergies. The worst thing is that at the moment there is no ideal chemical against them, because some individuals have natural immunity to certain substances, and at the gene level pass it on to their offspring. Judging by the results of research by scientists from Purdue University, the creation of a universal poison against cockroaches is simply impossible, and humanity is doomed to live side by side with them.

At the moment, the most effective method of strugglewith insects is considered the use of several funds at once. Thus, if one of the chemicals does not work, there is a chance that part of the cockroaches will be exterminated by the other. This approach seems ideal, but a new discovery suggests that cockroaches are able to develop protection even against those poisons that they are not familiar with - one can say that they are practically invincible.

There is no better cure for cockroaches.

This conclusion was made during the experiment, whereResearchers caught domestic cockroaches and found out to which substances they already have resistance, and exposed them to various poisons for half a year in order to compare the results.

At first, scientists used three chemicals andalternated them every month. Another group of cockroaches during the entire study was exposed to two different classes of agents. In the third case, cockroaches were poisoned by a chemical, from which they were protected the least.

After half a year, the researchers found out thatalternating chemicals cockroaches maintained their numbers at a certain level, and they became neither more nor less. The use of two different means did not give any results at all - apparently, they quickly developed immunity to both substances, and continued to actively proliferate. The third approach gave mixed results, because in one group the number of pests decreased, and in the other - increased.

In the course of studying the surviving cockroaches and theirthe offspring, the researchers found that they have developed immunity even to those substances that have not previously met. According to Professor Michael Scharf, the resistance of cockroaches to poison in one generation sometimes increases as much as six times. In his opinion, the destruction of cockroaches with chemicals alone is simply meaningless.

How to get rid of cockroaches?

Ultimately, they suggested usingchemicals, along with all sorts of traps, as well as maintain cleanliness in the rooms and never leave food in an open place. Of course, the good old sneaker against cockroaches has not been canceled.

While one half of humanitytrying to get rid of the invasion of cockroaches, the other creates their robotic copies. They are called VelociRoACH, and recently learned how to work in a team, and help each other stand on their feet.

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