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What exercise helps improve brain condition?

If you spend days lying on the couch or sittingin front of a computer, without even devoting time to quiet walks in the park, one can experience the horrors of poor health. A sedentary lifestyle can cause the development of not only dangerous diseases, but also seriously impair the performance of the brain. To avoid this, it is recommended that you exercise regularly, but many people simply don’t know where to start. Recently, Australian scientists conducted a study in which they found out how people need to train to improve their brain function. As it turned out, there is a special kind of training that improves brain neuroplasticity.

The brain is considered the most complex and mysterious organ of man.

What is brain neuroplasticity?

The term neuroplasticity is usually understoodthe ability of the human brain to physically and functionally change under the influence of life experience. It was previously believed that the brain is able to change under the influence of thoughts, behavior and new knowledge only in childhood, but psychologists are increasingly finding evidence that this happens even with adult organisms. It is believed that the more “plasticity” a person has, the better he learns new skills and quickly remembers information. According to Australian scientists, brain neuroplasticity can be increased with the help of certain physical activities.

More information about the unusual abilities of our mind can be found in the book by Norman Dodge “Plasticity of the brain. Stunning facts about how thoughts can change structure ”

How does sport affect the brain?

To find out how exercise affectson the ability of the human brain to change under the influence of experience, Australian scientists led by Ashley Smith studied a large amount of data. At their disposal were the results of several experiments in which the reaction of the brain of 128 men and women aged 18 to 65 years to various physical activities was studied. People were divided into several groups that performed light and heavy exercises at different intervals. According to the scientific journal Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, the state of their brain was assessed before and after training.

Aerobic exercises are performed for 5 to 40 minutes or longer.

The analysis showed that the human brain increasesits plasticity when performing at least two types of training. Firstly, a 20-minute training session in which a low and a high load on the body alternates has a positive effect on the brain. Secondly, brain plasticity can be improved by performing 25-minute aerobic exercises, in which a large number of muscles are activated and a large amount of oxygen is inhaled. Ultimately, it can be said that long-distance running, cycling, swimming and dancing can very well improve the state of the brain.

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Scientists have explained the benefits of the above species.physical activity in that they normalize the content of cortisol in the human blood. In previous studies, scientists found that this particular hormone leads to a decrease in brain neuroplasticity. Most likely, the alternation of light and heavy exercises, as well as aerobic training, reduces cortisol levels and improves acumen.