Caution! PC records conversations without a microphone (2 photos)

Every modern person knows about the possibilitytracking computer user actions. It is recommended to avoid total surveillance by sticking cameras and microphones with tape, disconnecting headsets and web cameras at a time when they are not needed. However, serious hackers or special services easily bypass such amateurish ways to protect information using complex technical techniques.

Numerous sensors installed in ourcomputers or smartphones can be used to remove the necessary information for professionals. So, at one time, cyber security experts demonstrated how to use the added special frequency in the YouTube video soundtrack on a fitness tracker to change the sensor’s performance.

However, information about technicalA more sophisticated method of tracking computer users by recording audio information from sound sources located near the PC without a microphone. It uses hard drives equipped with a feedback system. This technology is necessary for accurate positioning of magnetic heads above the surface of the disk plate. The resulting compensation currents are generated from audio waves, including the sounds of people talking next to the PC.

In the future, using a special softwaresoftware, intruders can decipher sensor data and decrypt audio recording of a conversation. The information obtained in this way is of high quality and can serve as a source of leakage of important data released by the user near the computer.