EGG Traveler - the most useful and versatile travel gadget (5 pics + video)

Going on a long trip, people always try.take with you the most important thing and at the same time try not to take unnecessary and heavy objects. But in modern realities, you often have to sacrifice something so that the bag has room for a charger from a smartphone / laptop, portable battery and adapters that may be necessary in the future host country. The rest of the gadgets and accessories travelers are forced to leave at home, but not in the case of EGG Traveler.

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This useful gadget combines the functionalityuniversal extension cord, powerbank with wireless and wired charging, as well as an adapter for different types of plugs. The main problem solved by this device is the incompatibility of sockets and plugs from the power adapters of various devices. It is especially relevant for avid travelers or those who often have to travel on business trips to other countries. EGG Traveler will relieve them of a real headache: after all, it can connect to almost any outlet.

For this, the device is equipped with 3 cables.power supply with plug types G, C and A. When connected to the network, the gadget turns into a power outlet suitable for charging the laptop, smartphone or any other device. For this purpose, special holes are provided on top that are suitable for plugs type C and A. Type C plugs are prevalent mainly in Europe, type A in Japan, Central and North America and some other regions.

Also EGG Traveler can, without connecting to the network,use for charging mobile gadgets via USB-connectors, he has two of them. And smartphones that are compatible with Qi technology, you can simply put on top of it.

Capacity of the battery built into the gadgetmakes 6 700 mAh. The dimensions of the EGG Traveler are 13.5 x 9.5 x 3 centimeters with a weight of approximately 300 grams. A set of devices with cables will be delivered in a special hard case. It costs all this pleasure € 64.