Laser positioning will replace the GPS (3 photos)

Virtually every modern mobileThe device is equipped with a positioning system in space based on the operation of GPS and GLONASS satellites. This technology has several drawbacks, including those associated with technical capabilities (lack of satellite communications underground), and with geopolitical events in the international arena.

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However, in the near future for navigation mayUniversal technology can be used to eliminate all GPS problems. Developers from the Emergent Photonics Lab (EPic Lab) at the University of Sussex have proposed using atomic clocks using laser radiation for positioning. Innovative technology will radically change the navigation and will be used in land transport, drones, airplanes or spacecraft. The technology is similar to the technique used in the work of fiber-optic cables for the Internet. Miniature atomic clocks use light pulses in a small processor.

The scope of the use of new technologies is limitless: from the development of the route of emergency vehicles in the tunnel, to the positioning of tourists traveling in the subway. How soon the new methods will actually be used in mobile devices is still unknown.