Austria appreciated the advantages of aerotaxi EHang 216 (12 photos + 2 videos)

The emergence of new developments in the field of airTaxi is pushing an increasing number of countries to look at the curious innovations of the transport world. So very recently, successful tests of unmanned aerotaxi EHang 216 were held in Vienna. In addition, as it became known, the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Austrian government are already working on changes in legislation related to air transport.

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340 kg airmobile during testingseveral times with passengers on board, it successfully took off from the stadium "General Arena" to a height of 10 meters. If the other tests in the city are successful, then the Chinese company EHang and the Austrian concern FACC will begin producing the production models EHang 216 by the end of this year. True, there are complaints about the technique. So, AFP photographer Joe Clamar, who was in the role of one of the passengers, noted that he was worried about the screws working around the cabin. In addition, the noise in flight reaches 90 decibels, which is lower than that of the helicopter, but still too much. And one more nuance - compact dimensions of the cabin. High people, unequivocally, will experience discomfort during transportation, even if not very long.

UAV EHang 216 is made in the formquadrocopter with a cabin for passengers on the central part of the hull above and with 8 pairs of coaxial screws. Aerotaxi is capable of transporting 2 people at a top speed of up to 150 kilometers per hour and up to a distance of 70 kilometers. It is stated that it will take half an hour to fully charge the EHang 216.

Officially, the EHang 216 will be launched into the massproduction in 2020. Flying cars will start shipping to Asia first. From there, companies have already received several hundred orders. The cost of each EHang 216 starts from 336 thousand dollars.