Samsung is developing an unusual smartphone with three screens (4 photos)

Samsung engineers have received a patent forthe original smartphone with three screens at once. The first two screens are located on the front and rear surfaces, but the third, resembling a pager line, is located on the top face. The third screen information line allows you to immediately open the necessary application or notification on the main screen.

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The main purpose of the two main screens -simplification of photo and video and the use of a smartphone as a personal translator. The rear screen occupies 3/4 of the surface area of ​​the device. The camera on the front side is built under the screen and allows you to both shoot another person and perform selfies. At the same time, the image will be available both for the user taking a photo on one side of the smartphone, and for the person being shot on the back of the device. Which is very convenient for a good pose.

Another promising use of twolarge screens could be the use of applications for translating from foreign languages. The user will slander the text into the smartphone, and on the back side facing the foreigner, the phrases already translated into his native language will be highlighted. The technology works in the reverse order.

So far, Samsung has just received a patent, and the release of such an original smartphone is not reported.