New specifications for the Snapdragon 865 and 875

Qualcomm developers continuouslyimprove mobile processors, bringing them to a qualitatively new technical level, corresponding to the ever-growing demands of smartphone developers. According to unverified information, the company is in full swing creating the Snapdragon 865 model and preparing for the design of the Snapdragon 875 - the world's first mobile chipset made using 5-nm technology.

Qualcomm's most likely partner forthe production of future new processor models will be made by the Taiwanese company TSMC, on the production lines of which the serial production of 5-nm Snapdragon 875 processors will be mastered. Last year Qualcomm also collaborated with Samsung, which produced Snapdragon 830, 835 and 845 chips. Currently, only these two manufacturers have the technical ability to launch a series of 7-nm and 5-nm processors.

Geekbench Benchmark Database Appearstest results of the Kona platform, which scored 4160 points for single-core tests and 12 946 points for multi-core tests. It is assumed that under the name Kona lies the Snapdragon 865 chip, which passes the last test tests before the official release.

In the new Snapdragon 865, by untestedinsider information will use LPDDR5X standard memory and UFS 3.0 format flash memory. The manufacturer will release chips with support for LTE and 5 G mobile networks.

Samsung is known to have declined20% power consumption in processors manufactured using 5-nm technology, compared with similar chips manufactured using 7-nm technology. Full-fledged serial production of processors on the 5-nm process technology will be possible on the Samsung and TSMC lines already in 2021. And the first smartphones to receive such chips will most likely be the Apple Model A14.

Source: wccftech