How to break the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Usually in the joke about metal balls and emptythe room “one broke, the other lost” is a Russian character. In the story of the sad fate of a number of Samsung Galaxy Fold, everything was different. Tests of Russian journalists, the model seems to be fine. Until.

But from the ocean came severalmessages that the main screen of Samsung Galaxy Fold has not lived a couple of days. Folding in half the screen is, by definition, a weak link, so it’s not surprising that there are problems with it. Somewhat alarming that this happened so quickly.

Some reviewers have done the same.fatal mistake - they removed from the screen what they considered to be a protective film. According to the representative of Samsung, the smartphone was attached documentation, which says that this should not be done, they say, themselves to blame - RTFM. However, if something looks like a protective film, it will begin to be detached reflexively. The warning clearly should have been made more visible.

This, I suppose, Samsung will take into account.

Unfortunately, the breakdown of the screen turned out to be connected not only with dislike for reading instructions. There were messages about the failed Galaxy Fold screen and from people who did not touch the upper protective layer.

The situation has already been dubbed “Foldgate”, Samsung shares fell by 3%.

All this clearly indicates the obvious fact thatSamsung Galaxy Fold is too early to exit the prototype stage. And it certainly should not be a product that requires ultra-care, for sale now. Nevertheless, according to the data at this time, the company does not plan to cancel the start of sales, scheduled for April 26.

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Tatyana Kobelskaya