In Estonia, create an electric car that can be parked on the wall

Today, more and more electric cars frommost different manufacturers. At the same time, simply releasing electric vehicles is no longer enough. It is necessary to surprise and interest the end user with something. Someone in positioning focuses on speed, someone on battery life without recharging, and the Estonian company Nobe decided to focus on saving parking space and released a car that can be parked right on the wall.

What does a new electric car look like?

The new electric car was named Nobe 100 andlooking at the available images, the car design immediately catches the eye. The body, made in the retro-style, recalls the European cars of the 1970s, which distinguishes the Nobe 100 from the competition. In addition, it is impossible not to notice that the electric car has four wheels that are not familiar to us, but three. Moreover, this decision was dictated not so much by design considerations, as by design features, which allow “to park the car on the wall”.

Having three wheels instead of four coupled withThe tiny shape of the hull made the car incredibly light. According to manufacturers, the youngest model weighs about 600 kilograms. At the same time, a 21 kWh battery allows you to drive up to 210 kilometers without recharging. There is also a more powerful version. Its engine is already much more powerful - 25 kWh, and the power reserve is 260 kilometers. In addition, each wheel is equipped with a built-in engine. Engine power of the basic version is 54, and the improved 72 kW, respectively.

This is interesting: The first electric car, printed on a 3D-printer.

This innovation does not end there. According to company representatives, the electric car will be very easy to update. And it concerns both software and hardware.

“We give users the opportunityUpgrade batteries, electric motors, and other electronics as technology advances. We do not want to restrict the user and force him to buy new cars, if they differ from old ones only by a couple of parts. In addition, it is easy enough to replace components that have been subjected to wear. ”

How is the car parked on the wall?

The most distinctive feature of the car is, of coursethe ability to pack on the wall. However, as can be seen in the photo, not any wall will do, but only one on which special “slides” can be fixed. Part of the design is located on the ground. You just need to call in certain "grooves", get out of the car and remotely start the parking procedure. Special “grip” hook cars and drag it to the wall. You can return the car in the same way using the controller.

Well, the very last moment: the cost. It is reported that you can buy a car at a price of $ 29,000. Exit is scheduled for January 2021.

It is impossible not to notice that such an approach to parkingreally saves a lot of space. But here "hanging" cars look very strange and unusual. In addition, motorists rarely leave the interior and trunk of their cars "sterile", that is, without any items inside. Probably, you already guess that with this method of parking, everything that is inside will “fall down” in the lower part of the car and it will not be convenient to call it for good reason.

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