News introduces an increased dollar rate for cheap goods

Our AliExpress, which is, came up with a new feature. Now, the cheaper the product, the higher the dollar rate for it. However, do not rush to panic. This only matters for cheap goods.

Lyrical digression.

As you probably know, there is a large international AliExpress - I will call it And there is a separate structure, which is given all the work with Russia.

If you live in Russia, then you cannot buygoods through It's just physically impossible. Even if you just try to go to the global site, you will be diligently transferred to

When the Chinese seller from AliExpresssets prices for goods, he sets them in dollars. You pay them in rubles. The conversion from dollars to rubles takes place at the internal rate of, which usually changes once a day and which you can watch on our website. (Or better, subscribe to our channel in Telegram).

By the way, the international has its own ruble / dollar exchange rate, and it is different. You can read about it here. But this has nothing to do with our topic today.

How to track the dollar exchange rate on It would seem that everything is simple. We find a product that costs exactly $1, look at its price in rubles. Here is such a product, for example. (These pseudo-products can disappear and disappear. If suddenly the link stops working - kick me in the comments, please).

Until yesterday, this scheme with one-dollar goods worked perfectly. And yesterday everything suddenly broke (thanks to Dmitriy / DVK62 from our chat, who drew my attention to this).

I start digging and find something strange. The cheaper the product, the higher the day it is the dollar. Here's the resulting chart:

(If suddenly someone is interested in digging, then the data set on which this graph is built is hidden under the cut).

Data for plotting

x_values ​​= [0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.52, 0.59, 0.61, 1, 1.06, 1.17, 1.25, 1.31, 1.42, 1.48, 1.64, 1.68, 1.98, 3, 5, 10]

y_values ​​= [ 155, 92.8, 85.1, 81.25, 79.9666666666667, 78.8846153846154, 78.7118644067797, 78.655737704918, 78.17, 78.122641509434, 78.0598290598291, 78.016, 77.9847328244275, 77.943661971831, 77.9256756756757, 77.8719512195122, 77.8571428571429, 77.7878787878788, 77.6533333333333, 77.552, 77.475]

</ p>

Those.for a product worth one cent, the dollar exchange rate is generally unrealistic, 155. Well, from five to ten dollars everything is already stabilizing and today (February 28, 2023) tends to a constant - to 77.475. Which we will now consider the dollar rate for

There is no moral to this fable. Well, except that now you have to be more careful when buying ultra-cheap goods.

If suddenly someone remembers numerical methods and canto approximate this function - I will be grateful. Surely, after all, they consider it according to some beautiful formula. y=f(x). But what is this f?

George Kiselyov