iOS 15.4 will introduce support for AR / VR headsets

Late last week, Apple releasedthe first developer beta of iOS 15.4. Numerous changes were promptly studied and tested by enthusiasts. According to one of the developers, Maximiliano Firtman, the WebXR API technology was found in the iOS 15.4 code.

The seriousness of Apple's intentions regardingThe developer confirms the introduction of branded AR and VR devices with the presence of a new WebXR API function, which will allow you to connect augmented and virtual reality helmets to the iPhone and iPad.

The WebXR interface is currently disabled byby default, since there are no AR and VR glasses or helmets on the market that work under iOS. According to unverified reports, Apple's proprietary mixed reality headset will not hit the market until 2023. However, experts are already evaluating such devices as top gadgets, the cost of which will be about 2 thousand dollars.

Source: 9to5mac