AirPower wireless docking station fails Apple

Two years ago, Apple officially announcedA new innovative product is the AirPower universal docking station for wireless charging of mobile devices. According to the company, the developed gadget is able to simultaneously provide energy to the smartphone, wireless headphones and smart watches from the apple manufacturer.

However, the release dates of AirPower are constantlytransferred until the company announced the final closure of the project. The decision to suspend work on the docking station was commented on by Apple Vice-President for hardware development Dan Riccio. The main reason, according to the businessman, was "... inconsistency of the device with high standards" of the company. Apologizing to Apple fans for two years waiting for AirPower, Riccio noted that the company is not abandoning wireless technology.

More detailed information users are notgot. However, according to insider information, the developers could not solve the issue of creating a compact device that meets modern requirements, and the issue of temperature balance was not resolved - the device overheated during operation. But a small startup from Australia was able to offer quite a nice and vertical version of Apple AirPower - iComboStand.