Russian operators will not receive frequencies for 5G

The Russian Ministry of Defense decided not toshare the frequencies needed to create 5th generation mobile communication networks (3.4–3.8 GHz band). This band was not mentioned in the decision of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies (SCRF) on the allocation of frequencies to mobile operators last year. Then the conversation was only about the bands 4.8–4.99 GHz and 27.1–27.5 GHz.

To create 5G networks with mobile operatorscommunication there is the necessary equipment only for the occupied range, but there is no fundamental decision on the allocation of the range of frequencies that are used by the military, law enforcement agencies and other special public services. For dedicated 4.8–4.99 GHz, there is no commercial equipment, and 27.1–27.5 GHz are suitable only for local coverage.

At initial cost estimatecivilian operators belonging to the military frequencies amount was 12-16 billion rubles, and the process would be delayed until 2022. However, now officials say that the amount will increase several times.

Delay with frequency allocation for 5G networkswill lead to a slowdown in the digital economy program, experts say. Countries such as South Korea, the United States and China were ready for the introduction of technology, after releasing the 3.4–3.8 GHz frequencies necessary for the development of 5G networks.