Samsung tested the flexible display Galaxy Fold robots (video)

In late April, Europe will begin to takePre-orders for Samsung's folding flagship Galaxy Fold. This will be the first gadget brand with a bendable display, available to many. In the meantime, the manufacturer seeks to demonstrate for what exactly customers are offered to pay 2,000 euros.

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As Samsung assures, Galaxy Fold is collected fromwear resistant high quality material. The device quietly withstands up to 200,000 folds. These statements have recently been confirmed by videos showing the testing procedure for new items. In the video you can see that mobile devices are pre-connected to special devices. These robotic devices imitated the flexings mentioned above for a week. 200,000 times is if you fold and fold the Galaxy Fold 100 times a day, then its display will last for 5 years.

After seeing the test video, it can be noted that the bend area of ​​the display, even after prolonged use, does not stand out at all.

Samsung Galaxy Fold will be sold in Korea and the United States will begin in late April, and in this time in 15 European countries they will begin to accept pre-orders for a new product. Russia is not yet on this list.